Rex (Hercules van janslust)

born: 8 oktober 2007
 : 14 april 2022 

Rex was a dog with a golden character, this good guy is one of Pascal's first dogs. Rex was gold honest with people and animals and loved to cuddle. He could walk with a stick, the bigger the better. He was an incredibly open and honest dog. Rex enjoyed life so intensely. He was the dog who helped us with the socialization of both the puppies and the young dogs, thanks to him our dogs have learned a good basic dog language. He didn't look crazy about anything and really liked everything and cozy like a real labrador should be.

He was a naughty little guy who made us laugh every day. As the only one of the pack, Rex couldn't walk loose, we went to the right, sir walked to the left, so he was the only one who was always allowed to walk along on the flex line.

He may not have been a Border Collie, but he was definitely our best friend and the sweetest and most loyal dog in the house.