Way more than just a breeder


'Pascal' I already had a labrador ''Rex'' and was looking for a nice
sport dog so i came across the Border Collie in the search for my next dog. Pretty soon Senna came on my path as an 8 month old dog who was looking for a new home,  together we had found our niche in agility
. Not much later, Senna started having back problems and we stopped agility. 

Not long after Senna, Shadow joined the pack and not much later Gwynn crossed my path. With Shadow and Gwynn my dog ​​sport career  really got going and we have run and won many competitions. This is also where I met Kayleigh. I am now mainly active with the dogs in hoopers & love our mantrail adventures.

'Kayleigh' My passion for dogs started at an early age. My parents have been breeding the Nederlandse Schapendoes (Dutch schapendoes) since I can remember.

I really grew up between dogs and breeding. My father and I did show training with the dogs at a Border Collie breeder. This is also the place where I really got to know this beautiful breed.

In 2014 I bought my first border collie bitch Beau from this kennel. With her I could regularly be found at dog shows in the Netherlands and abroad. 2 years later my 2nd border collie bitch Jinte arrived. She is a real workaholic and didn't like the dog show world that much. Because of her, different dog sports quickly became my passion, now I am active with our dogs in various dog sports including Frisbee, Hoopers, the showring & Sheep Herding.

Together we added Lya (australian stumpy tail cattle dog), Mac, FireFly, Ravi, Fender (rhodesian ridgeback)  to our pack. We now have 10 dogs together who live with us in a homely environment and are active in various branches of dog sports including Hoopers, Sheepherding, mantrailing, Dog Shows & Frisbee


Kayleigh received the FCI approval for the kennel name Dutchdales on September 29, 2016. Kayleigh was looking for a name from which you could deduce that our roots are in the Netherlands, but something that also related to the border collie, so the name Dutchdales came up.

Dutch = speaks for itself

Dales = a region in England where the border collie originally comes from

Originally we are from the Netherlands, this is also the place where our first two litters were born. Since 2023 we have been living in Gamás in Hungary, a farming village surrounded by beautiful nature where we can be found daily with our dogs.

Dutchdales is a registered and licensed breeder of fci recognized pedigree Border collies since 2016.