Light Your Heart

Sir: Speaking Borders Mac 
Dam: From Borders Home That's the Ticket 
Born: 16.02.2021 

On 16.02.2021, Mac and Jinte became proud parents of 5 beautiful girls (one female unfortunately did not survive the birth, she was named Sterre by us). Their 4 girls have grown into 4 great girls, each with their own character. One looks a bit more like mama Jinte and the other papa Mac, but in general it is a fairly homogeneous litter.

The puppies all have a great will to please and love to work with their owner. They are active in a variety of dog sports including agility, detection and hoopers. In addition to the fact that these puppies are super fun sports buddies, they are also great family dogs that have completely found their niche within the family, they are real cuddlers just like mom and dad, but dogs that like to work with their boss.


From Borders Home that's the ticket (Jinte) 
Dutchdales Flame game Raven (Jinte) 
Dutchdales Shadowlight Brooke (Flash) 
Dutchdales Nature breeze Abigail (Nikki) 
Dutchdales Go for Glow Echo (Kaia) 
Speaking Borders Mac (Mac)