How do we work within our kennel

We do so-called "living room breeding", which means that the puppies are born indoors and growing up within our family and pack, this will positively influence the socialization of the puppies.

We strive to bring social, healthy and eager to work puppies into the world with a chosen combination. Our dogs are all active in different dog sports. For this they need of course perseverance, power and a dose of guts and this is something we also like to see in our puppies.

Because we have working dogs, we do not only breed on appearance, which means that we do not pay special attention to whether or not a dog looks good to the eye, after all, we do not breed show champions. We do pay attention to the construction of a dog, nice angulations, good chests, ... the real characteristics of a good working dog that is physically able to work.

The puppies leave their nest with int. pet passport, the pedigree, insofar as fully dewormed and vaccinated and a very extensive puppy package (food, information, toys, etc.).

We decide the names that will appear on the pedigree of the puppies. We do this because we do not yet know which puppy will go to which new owner if we have to pass on the names to the board of directors, because this has to be done before the puppies are 10 days old. being old. When the puppies are 6 weeks old, we perform a socialization test on our puppies. Partly on the basis of this, we decide together with the buyer which puppy best suits the family situation.

We personally don't like to name the puppy after a color or a number, we choose to give each puppy in the litter a name that he/she will ''listen'' to for 8 weeks. Coming up with a suitable name is something we love to do ourselves.

Creativity with the pedigree names is something we personally enjoy doing. That is why we choose a theme for each nest that we can be creative with. We then look for a pedigree name related to our nest theme, which must also match the litter name of the pup, because yes, that must of course also be added!

Then it becomes for example Dutchdales Essie’s Autumn Glow (litter name Essie)

Because we apply this method, the future puppy owners are not obliged to choose a name with a certain letter, so they are completely free in choosing the name of their future puppy.

What do we test our sport/breeding dogs for?

In the medical field, the dogs must meet a number of requirements. For example, they must have a valid ECVO eye examination and have a good HD result. We also have the ED and back tested on the dogs as an extra, we think it is important that we only breed with parents who are completely healthy. Furthermore, the necessary DNA tests will take place, including:
- CEA: collie eye anomaly: eye disease.
- TNS: trapped neutrofiel syndroom: deadly abnormality of the white blood cells that causes the immune system to malfunction.
- IGS: imerslund gräsbeck syndroom: disorder in the intestine of the absorption of vitamin B12.
- SN: sensory neuropathie: puppies from 2-7 months old lose control of their hind legs because the nerves do not work properly. Eventually they die.

- MDR1: multidrug resistance gen: the gene, which is therefore missing in sick animals, ensures that certain medicines do not penetrate to the brain.
- NCL: neuronal ceroid lipofuscinose: deadly metabolic disease that affects behavior, movement, and vision.
- RS; raine syndroom: developmental disorder of the teeth that causes them to discolor and wear abnormally quickly.
- CN: cyclische neutropenie: periodically malfunctioning immune system.
- DM: degeneratieve myelopathie: disorder of the spinal cord that causes a slow paralysis of the hindquarters.
- MH: maligne hyperthermie: a disease of the skeletal muscles.
- HUU: hyperuricemie: sufferers form bladder stones.
- PLL: primary lens luxation: detachment of the lens of the eye.
- MC: myotonia congenita a muscle disorder characterized by a kind of spasm in the muscle cells.

Our dogs will be tested for these conditions and more. In the unlikely event that a male or female is a carrier of a condition, the partner will have to be tested and clear. By having our dogs undergo the necessary tests + extra, we do everything we can to give birth to healthy puppies.