DutchDales Rynn Nailed it ''Ravi''

Dam: From Borders Home that's the ticket ''Jinte''
Sir: Speaking Borders Mac ''Mac''
Born: 21/03/2022
NHSB: 3268618

Ravi is the first bitch we kept from our own breeding. It was not entirely the intention that we would keep one, but we love how it all turnd out with her. Ravi is a tough lady with a nice open character and wonderfully enterprising. In terms of looks she is a real copy of her father Mac with a very small detail of Jinte here and there. With her we are mainly active in the frisbee world, but hoopers is also something she loves to do!

 Every now and then she can also come along when we train with our sheep. Her father comes from great herding lines. Ravi is a feisty lady, if this girl sets her mind to something she will make sure that her goal is achieved. In addition to her spicy character, she is also incredibly sweet and sensitive. She is a very nice dog to work with, she learns quickly and is a loves to snuggle 

Test results from Ravi

  • HD (still being tested)
  • ED (under testing)
  • OCD (still being tested)
  • Patella free
  • Complete scissor teeth
  • Eyes free since 2023
  • MyDogDNA full Clear
  • Carrier of black/white & tricolor

Ravi will soon be prepared for her first litter in 2025/2026 if everything goes according to plan