Adorable blu-Lya at Kunama ''Lya'' 

Sir: Silverparks yula be a blu-ray
Dam: Silverparks too tuff 
Born: 23/04/2019
NHSB: 3156694

Lya is an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, a breed that is almost non-existent, in fact there are 8 Stumpy's in Europe. We purchased Lya from a breeder who has known Kayleigh since she was 6 years old. She regularly participated in various dog shows with the dogs of Lya's breeder.

This lady regularly models for different types of photo shoots, she really enjoys this and cooperates very well.

Of course she has a special appearance and nice head. This cool frog can sit still for minutes until the perfect shot is made. Her photos are now going worldwide and she has already won a number of awards together with our regular photographer in various categories. Lya is a fixed model of collars with TribeOfThree.

When Lya came to our family we were looking for a new dog and this time not a border collie. Then we came to Lya with her we wanted to go into the sport if she likes this. Unfortunately, Lya turned out to be practically deaf, just like some littermates, when they were 10 weeks old and sports are becoming a bit more difficult for her. On the side of her eyespot, this lady hears nothing at all and in the other ear she has 10% hearing . We see this as a fun challenge. The only ''disadvantage'' is that Lya sometimes closes down in a noisy room. This is also because it takes much more effort for her to concentrate like a ''normal'' dog. Whether we will ever compete with Lya is something we really don't know for sure yet, but which is not important to us either. She does her best during our training sessions and especially loves Frisbee!

Lya has been nicknamed ''Draaken kind'' (dragon child) with us and she is also called that by people who know her well. Lya is a great dog, who is very sweet with puppies  and behaves nicely towards strangers but at the same time she is also very reserved, that is something typical for the breed. For us she is fantastic and fits perfectly in our pack, but it is certainly not a breed that we recommend to others to get. with these types of dogs you really have to have a Know what your doing.

Lya is not used for breeding, because she is deaf.