From Borders Home that's the ticket ''Jinte''

Dam: FBH Zara's tiara
Sir: Tonkory like it or lump it
Born: 29/07/2016
NHSB: 3053138
height : ± 47.5cm     weight : ± 16 kilo

This is Jinte, a bitch from show lines, she participated exactly 3 times in a dog show where we soon noticed that this was not her thing at all. Jinte is a dog who really lives for action. Now Jinte is one of our top dogs in agility and hoopers, but she can also be found for other sports like frisbee.

 Unfortunately, you cannot do all sports with a dog and we have chosen the 2 sports that suit her best.

Jinte is a very social girl, secretly the most social and easy going dog in the pack. She realy loves puppies, not only her own but every puppie she can meet. Children are also something she loves, she is very sweet and careful. She is also the one dog in our pack with which newcomers to dogsports can have a go with. She loves working with and for everybody.

In short, she is just a really nice girl with a golden edge. Jinte is the proud mother of our Light Your Heart & Color Your World litter. She will no longer be used for breeding due to a well-deserved breeding retirement

Test results from Jinte

  • HD A
  • Complete scissor teeth
  • CEA free through parents and DNA
  • CL clear by parents
  • TNS free by parents and DNA
  • MyDogDNA full clear 

Jinte is the mother of our ''Light Your Heart'' & ''Color Your World'' litters and is now retired from breeding