Speaking Borders FireFly ''Fly''

Dam: Karven Jam
Sir: Master Cap 
Born: 15/06/2021 
ISDS: NL/382733
NHSB: 3250305
Height : ± 51cm     Weight : ± 15.8 kilo 

They don't get any prettier and sweeter! Fly is not only a real cuddle bug, but also incredibly talented! She excels in literally everything she does, she prefers to work with the sheep, this is something we like to do with her. In addition to herding sheep, she is also active in the frisbee world, something she also loves to do. Fly is a real outdoor dog, she enjoys having space around her and likes to go on an adventure. She is always open to something new and is not surprised at all.

 In addition to her adventurous side, she is also a real cuddly dog, perhaps the most extreme of the pack, the only thing this lady does not take into account is that she does not quite fit on your lap, with her 51cm and 15.8kg she is the largest bitch in the pack .

We are currently busy preparing FireFly for breeding. If she passes all tests with flying colours, she will be the future for our kennel.

FireFly test results

  • HD (still being tested)
  • ED (under testing)
  • OCD (still being tested)
  • Patella free
  • Complete scissor teeth
  • Eyes free since 2022
  • MyDogDNA full clear 
  • Carrier of the colors black/white, brown & tricolor Carrier of both long-haired and short-haired genes

Fly is slowly being prepared for her first litter in 2024/2025 if everything goes according to plan