From Borders Home oh so Beau-tiful ''Beau''

Dam: FBH fantasy of love
Sir: Royal cruel intentions
Born: 10/09/ 2014
NHSB: 2979087

Beau is a bitch from show lines, We regularly participated in dog shows with Beau, she always loved this, she even performed at the Crufts (Largest dog show in the world where you can only go by invitation) until 2019 when her interest started to change. Beau prefers to be active, which is unfortunately not possible because of her HD and ED. We looked for a nice alternative to Beau started mantrail and detection work, just like Senna.

This is her passion and something she really loves to do.

Beau is certainly not the smartest of the group. We always tease her that she has been lying in a litter of Labrador pups. Or is she so smart that this is secretly used against us, that is also possible to! Beau is a real cuddly dog, she is very careful and sweet when it comes to older and young children. Beau regularly goes out to the elderly home or psychiatric institution as a cuddly dog. She is also definitely a dog that helps with the socialization of the puppies. Beau is not very social like the rest of the pack towards every dog ​​she meets. She doesn't bite but does have a large personal bubble and indicates this clearly but politely. She also sometimes shows this behavior towards the puppies (but then even more carefully). The puppies learn from her how to approach a dog with respect instead of just running over any dog they see, something that is very important in a dog's adult life.

Beau is has not been used for breeding because she has HD,ED