Sir: Grimm (E K Kennes)
Dam: Fly ROM (D Vansant)
Born: 03/03/2014
ISDS BE/333024

Senna ended up with Pascal as a young dog, he was 8 months old at the time and it didn't work with his previous owner. In the beginning Senna was not an easy dog, we suspect that he was not given the right direction as a young dog, he was totally untrustworthy with people and animals even to us he was quite a challenge. Senna is now a real example dog and he listens like the best!

Senna had a serious back injury when he was younger with his previous owner, so unfortunately he will never be able to do a really physically active sport, he has now had surgery on his hernias and Senna is doing great under the circumstances. He loves working with his nose, so we do mantrailing & detecion work with him. Searching for a missing person or dog  is wat he loves most!

Senna is not used for breeding