Speaking Borders Mac ''Mac''

Dam: Speaking Borders Tess
Sir: Gabe
Born: 18/06/2019
NHSB: 3163356
height : ± 52cm     weight : ± 17 kilo 

Mac is an always happy dog. He loves working with and for us. Herding, Agility & Hoopers are his favorite activities, He is also very good at Frisbee. He is a very strong but flexible dog when working. On the job, Mac is sensitive to his handler's body language. It is very easy to send through an Agility or Hoopers course without any problem. Mac is a real team player and a very fast learner.

Always ready to get to work, Mac has a ton of work power but in a way that makes it easy to handle.

Mac is the proud sir to our Light Your Heart & Color Your World litter. He also is the sir to the Go Crazy litter in the Randeris kennel in Denmark. 

Test results from Mac

  • HD A
  • ED 0/0
  • ECVO free sinds 2020
  • Complete scissor teeth
  • CEA free through parents and DNA
  • CL clear by parents
  • TNS free by parents and DNA
  • MyDogDNA full clear
  • Carrier of black/white & tricolor

Mac is available as stud for registered and tested bitches