Borders At Work p. Gwynn ''Gwynnie''

Sir: BAW Sean
Dam: BAW Floss
Born: 10/10/2016
NHSB bijl. G-1-3085856
LOSH 1186675 ISDS BE/348229

We imported Gwynn as a puppy from Belgium. He is super sweet and social, a real cuddly ass. he prefers to be at the center of the family and really loves attention. He really likes other dogs and can't resist saying hi to almost every dog ​​he meets on his daily walk.

This guy is not only super handsome and super social but also a great working dog. He is active in sheep herding and shows a good dose of power, guts and balance here. He doesn't shy away from a challenge and surprises us every time with his abilities.

Gwynn has always been active in agility and has also competed at a higher level in this sport, so a real fanatic. Because we want to focus more on working with the sheep with him, we have decided to put his agility career on the back burner. He is really a very beautiful male with a great character and super nice to work with. He is really not a beginner dog in his work, he goes from 0 to 1000 in less than a second which can be a fun challenge. He has a clear on and off button and loves children and prefers to visit as much as possible, he is the dog that prefers to lie on everyone's lap and then stretch out! But giving kisses that's something he doesn't do.

Gwynn is has not been used for breeding because of his Border Collie Collapse