Floris v. Masseuskamp ''Fender''

Dam: Layka (NHSB 3073913)
Sir: Ekundu 'Bento' (NHSB 2938747)
Born: 23/03/2023
NHSB: 3301619

Fender, as the youngest of the club, he will grow to be the largest of the pack. He didn't come on our path entirely according to plan, but is of course more than welcome.

Besides the fact that he has an incredibly sweet character, he is energetic, full of life, eager to learn and curious as a real puppy should be. he likes to run, likes to play with the rest of the pack.

He has a spicy character and likes to act on his own initiative. Fender is not only great on the inside but also on the outside. We expect him to grow into a gorgeous male and steal many a dogshows.

Together with Fender, Kayleigh will pick up showing again and they will work in the mantrail and detection world.

The plan is Fender will be available at stud from 2026 providing he tests completely healthy, for registered and tested bitches only